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The Educational Development Centre

The Educational Development Centre for artistic talents was established in April 1992 with the aim of promoting appreciation of the fine arts in Egypt.
It is equally important to encourage, advance and educate tomorrow's artists. Therefore, the centre is divided into the following six departments:

  1- The Opera Studio, accepting young talents from age 16.

  2- The Piano Division, for ages 10 to 20.

  3- The Classic Ballet Division, ages 6 to 11.


  4- The Choral Group Division involved in opera singing, for ages 6 to 11.


  5- The Suzuki Violin Division, starting from 4 years.


  6- The Arabic and Instrumental Music Department, which has recently been established.


In addition to the above mentioned classes the centre lectures on solfège, sight-reading, and music application.
The teachers are highly qualified and include some very experienced and specialised tutors. Lecturers pay particular attention to learning techniques from visiting foreign experts such as Japanese violinist Takeshi Kobayashi, founder of the Suzuki discipline who visited Egypt in 1993 and 1994.

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