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Chairman of the National Cultural Centre

Dr. Inès Abdel Daïm (Flute)

Inès Abdel Daïm graduated from the Cairo Conservatoire, and pursued her higher studies in France. In 1982, she won first prizes from the “Fédération Nationale des Unions des Conservatoires Municipaux” in France and in the “Concours général de musique et d’art dramatique” in France.

In the late eighties she obtained a doctorate from the renowned “École Normale de Musique” in Paris .

She was awarded first prizes in performance of chamber music, solo performance of chamber music, solo performance of flute, and two concert diplomas in chamber music and flute. Inès Abdel-Daïm took part in numerous recitals in France and concerts with the International UNESCO Orchestra in France also she was flute soloist with the Conservatoire Orchestra, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and the Egyptian Chamber Orchestra.

She toured European countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic; African or Middle Eastern countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, also the United States and Asian countries like Japan, and North Korea. In Japan she received a certificate of merit from the Kobe International Flute Competition, a prize for Best Flutist in the South Korea Festival of Arts and the Creative Prize from the Academy of Arts (Egyptian Ministry of Culture). Inès Abdel-Daïm is a very active and versatile artist who presented radio and TV programs in France and Egypt and participated in recording the works of Egyptian composer Gamal Abdel-Rahim. She represented Egypt in many international festivals like the Nantes Festival of Arts in 1995 (France), El Rabat Festival of Arts in Morocco and Salonika Festival of Creative Women in Greece. She was invited to give master classes in Syria and represented Egypt in the Mediterranean Orchestra Festival in France where she was the first Egyptian musician to participate. Currently, she is a professor at the Academy of Arts and first flutist of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra. In 1999, she founded a class for teaching the flute to children at the Cairo Opera House .

Inès Abdel-Daïm was awarded a prize for being one of the most creative Egyptian women of the century. In 2001, she was awarded the State Prize in Arts (Egypt). She is the Artistic Advisor for Al-Nour Wal Amal Orchestra [“Light and Hope Orchestra”], an Egyptian Blind all-women, Chamber Orchestra.

Inès Abdel Daïm became director of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, in addition, the Dean of the Cairo Conservatoire Institute from 2004-2010. Moreover, she was appointed as the Vice President of the Cairo Academy of Arts during 2010 and 2011 .
Currently, she is the Chairman of the Board of the National Cultural Centre “Cairo Opera House .

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